New Community Kitchens

We are excited to announce many new and returning community kitchens!  Check out which one works for your schedule and sign up today!Notre Dame Community KitchenThis kitchen prepares 2-3 recipes and food is taken home in containers that are brought by the participant. The cost is $4/person/serving - For example: preparing 3 recipes for a family of 4 would cost $16 for a total of 12 servings.This kitchen is supported by the Knights of Columbus. This kitchen is open to new members. Children ages 10+ are welcome to participate providing they are supervised by a parent.Location: Notre Dame Academy Foods…

Composting Workshop

Composting Workshop

The benefits of adding compost to your soil are undeniable and an important part of growing a bountiful and beautiful vegetable crop. Have you been wondering how you could integrate a compost system into your yard and garden? Come hear local compost expert, Rob Gardner, in a visual and hands-on demonstration of composting systems. This program is open to everyone, no need to have a Community Garden Plot.June 9 - 7pm at the Redcliff Community Garden, next to the Lion's Park. Please call 403-548-7415 to register for the Redcliff event only.

Fermentation Workshop

Fermentation Workshop

Fermentation as a food preservation method has become increasingly popular for it's health benefits. Fermentation doesn't require an added acidic liquid or heat, and can be accomplished with as little as a container and salt (although more typically goes into it). It's one of the oldest and most basic means of preserving food. The process typically takes longer than pickling and ultimately alters the food's color, flavor, and texture. Fruits and vegetables contain natural bacteria that, when deprived of air, can suppress and inhibit the growth of other microbes that would cause spoilage. During the fermentation process, these natural bacteria…



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