New Community Kitchens

We are excited to announce many new and returning community kitchens!  Check out which one works for your schedule and sign up today!

Notre Dame Community Kitchen

This kitchen prepares 2-3 recipes and food is taken home in containers that are brought…


Saving Garden Produce: trade simple tips, tricks or tools with other gardeners!

Do you have special methods for preserving your garden harvest? Have you found a customized tool that makes that job so much easier?

We want to know about it! Come out to our preserving exchange roundtable to trade your tricks…


Salsa Canning Workshop

Wondering what to do with all those tomatoes from your garden?  Love the taste of homemade salsa but don't know how to start canning on your own?  Invite some friends and come out for our salsa canning workshop!

9am-1pm on Saturday, September…


Honey Sweetened Strawberry Jam & Orange Rhubarb Chutney Canning Workshop

Nervous about canning your own jam? Uncertain about how to process chutney?

Come out to our Jams & Chutney Canning Workshop - 9am-1pm June 21st at Notre Dame Academy Foods Lab - 646 Spruce Way SE.

Learn how to…


2014 Kitchen Workshop Dates!

We have four exciting Community Kitchen Workshops coming up this season! 

Community Kitchen workshops are a great way to learn skills that may seem a little intimidating to try on your own.  Follow along with a qualified instructor as they teach…


Pressure Canning Pumpkin & Roasting Pumpkin Seeds Workshop

Join us on Saturday, September 28 from 9am - 1pm in the Notre Dame Academy Kitchen located at 646 Spruce Way SE, to learn how to pressure can pumpkin and roast pumpkin seeds.  There is a limit of 14 participants for…


Salsa Workshop

Learn to make Salsa!

SATURDAY, AUG 31 9:00 am - noon in Redcliff

Come and join us for this F R E E workshop hosted by CFCA and experienced home canners Joy and Lynne! We will learn to prepare, simmer, and can…