Little Green Thumbs Program

The Little Green Thumbs Project in Southwestern Alberta had a wonderful growing season!


Saving Garden Produce: trade simple tips, tricks or tools with other gardeners!

Do you have special methods for preserving your garden harvest? Have you found a customized tool that makes that job so much easier?

We want to know about it! Come out to our preserving exchange roundtable to trade your tricks…


Community Gardener's Corn Roast

Come out and celebrate your Community Garden harvest with your family and the other Community Gardeners and volunteers! Please RSVP to Rob Gardner by August 26th. This event will take place at the Sheldon Miller Friendship Garden.


Composting Workshop

The benefits of adding compost to your soil are undeniable and an important part of growing a bountiful and beautiful vegetable crop. Have you been wondering how you could integrate a compost system into your yard and garden? Come hear…


Salsa & Pickling Canning Workshop

This is your chance to learn how to can salsa and pickles!

Community Kitchen workshops are a great way to learn skills that may seem a little intimidating to try on your own. Follow along with an experienced instructor as they…


Upcoming Big Cook Kitchen

The "Big Cook" is a meal planning and preparation method where you prepare freezer meals in bulk. You spend 1 day preparing up to 200 meals which allows you to eat healthy, home-made meals while still accommodating a busy…


Share the Harvest Gleaning Meeting

Fruit harvesting groups exist throughout Canada and we are looking at starting a similar program in Medicine Hat.

We are looking at ways to connect fruit owners and their surplus fruit with volunteer fruit pickers. These volunteers pick the…


Community Garden Program & Food Forest

Click on this link to see a video about our Community Gardening program and the new Food Forest!


Lexicon of Sustainability Information Art Show

We are happy to announce a community collaboration with Medalta and The Market at Medalta in the presentation of the information art show "The Lexicon of Sustainability" where you will see photographic depictions of various sustainability terms such as biodiversity, community supported…


Edible Forest Gardening for the Prairies Workshop With Ron Berezan

Date & Time : 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Sunday May 17 & Monday May 18

Do you want to grow and eat your own organic food but weed and water less?

Forests sustain themselves ... nobody weeds and waters a forest or…