Hat Food Movement

The Hat Food Movement

The Hat Food Movement is a caring, compassionate, community-based group serving Medicine Hat and area focused on promoting and supporting sustainable food resources for our community. 

This is achieved through:

Connecting people to food.

Advocating for sustainability.

Educating people on food issues and alternatives.

Supporting others with community resources.

Developing skills to promote food security.

What projects focused around food security do you want to see established in the community? How can we partner with local businesses and organizations to strengthen food security initiatives in our community?

Whether you are a citizen or representing an organization or business we want to hear from you!

Share the Harvest Gleaning Program

CLUCK Medicine Hat

There is a growing group of people in Medicine Hat that are interested in keeping backyard hens as a way to produce their own eggs, compost kitchen and yard waste, and maintain a weed-free yard.  If you are interested in learning more about this, please join their group on Facebook: CLUCK Medicine Hat

Workshop Notes